A Seasonal Provision

Image by Couleur from Pixabay HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The celebration season is upon us, which, for most of us, means a hornet’s nest of activity. Our emotions will be riding the extreme and, occasional, if not mostly, we will find ourselves exhausted. I seem to recall, in my distant past, loving this time of year. New … Continue reading A Seasonal Provision

Grammarly vs LanguageTool

Image by Orna Wachman from Pixabay When Grammarly hit the internet, making the tool available for bloggers, I was exuberant with hope. My frequent typos would vanish. When I downloaded LibreOffice and discovered one of the extension tools was LanguageTool, I was elated because I wouldn’t have to write a draft of my post online … Continue reading Grammarly vs LanguageTool

The Nature of My Disposition

Image by samuel Lee from Pixabay Exploring this subject just before the change from summer to autumn seemed fitting to me. The change feels more drastic than the ones for the other seasons. Autumn seems to nonchalantly slip into winter. The same seems to happen when winter become spring. Every year I expect the transition … Continue reading The Nature of My Disposition